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Fault Lines in the heart

This is not an article as much as it's a question - Why is it, emotions that we grow up thinking we will encounter from our foes, we land up receiving from our friends in grown up life? and in Friends, I include our co workers, team members, peers, acquaintances, neighbours, lovers, husbands, wives and even relatives, parents, siblings, children....and myself.

Envy, jealousy, anger, hatred, deception, lies, manipulation and other such emotions are not what you associate with a friend when you are kid playing in the park, having family dinners, attending school, sharing your first cigarette or your first love. Those festivals you celebrate, those events you attend, that game you watch, a shirt you buy....not in any one of those moments, the thought comes to your mind that even remotely suggests that one day these same people, you included will be faced with dangerous fault lines that would threaten to break everyone's heart.

And yet, this is exactly what happens. Was it always …