Please "Unfriend' Me

It has been six months since I have slept peacefully for 7-8 hours a night. Some nights I wake up at 2 am, some nights at 4. Having nothing else to do, I often log in to social media to catch up on news, current affairs and generally what my real life or social media friends are saying, doing. That is when it dawns on me why I am not sleeping well. My countrymen, fellow citizens, world citizens are suffering at the hands of some pretenders and the memory of their suffering is affecting me deeply, but what is keeping me awake is that I am doing nothing about it. So what can I do? Many things. But first I can find the courage to speak my mind. So that is what I am doing here, finding courage and speaking my mind. Let's see what happens next All those on my friends list on social media and real life, who defend, justify, glorify those that had ordered the beating up of our children at India Gate a few years back and those who ordered the shooting of our farmers in Madhya Pradesh on T…

Politics Of Flawlessness

Why Right Wing is NOT the change we were waiting for: Right wing's response, worldwide, to every wrong: "You didn't complain when left did it". Guess how you came upon this reversal of fortunes?! Make no mistake, the first people to rebel and protest against corrupt Congress Govt in India were the members of civil society and media that our right wing loathe. Mind you, till the civil society did not rise the way we did, BJP & opposition were all cozy friends with same congress they keep blaming for every thing this present Govt screws up. No accountability or responsibility. All that we hear is Congress did it, not us or even Congress did it so you can't blame us. Go back to the days when the initial scams broke out. Check the media reports and you will see how laid back the right wing were till the civil society reaction became big and especially after Baba Ramdev joined it who has huge 'Hindu' following. Then suddenly BJP woke up and saw the opportunit…


Why is India special? How is India different? What is the idea of India?
We are special because we already have what others are searching for – wisdom of life. What is it? It is the knowledge, acceptance and embracing of the middle path. Why is that wise? Because life exists only in the middle, extremes have been designed as chambers of destruction. Everything that is a waste and not required for life on earth is aligned with the extreme and eventually destroyed. What remains are those and that which exist in the middle.
India is different because we have so much diversity built into our DNA that we automatically reject any concept that is singular.Many invaders tried their best to cloak us in single dimension but we rejected it even as we embraced and accepted what was good in them.Forget external forces; look at our own way of living, philosophy or what we have now come to know as religion. It is not religion at all. That is just the superficial lazy branding to a m…


Fanboyism is an age old phenomenon but now an epidemic where fans try to appropriate power, fame, respect, brilliance of the artist, by association.  Earlier it was limited to adoring, sharing and supporting artists and art. Today, fanboys start dictating, lecturing, fighting like they are artists themselves. In fact, most artists do no such thing themselves.  The chilled out groupies are a far cry from this breed. Some of this lot far exceed star tantrums shown even by the artists, they are fans of. Fanboys earlier would just spread the artist's work. This breed is more interested in judging you and showing off their 'knowledge' of art.  These are not fanboys. They are in fact true enemies of art. They have built boundaries between common folks and art, artistes.  You can't just enjoy or talk about a movie, an actor, filmmaker, singer, music, poet, poetry or any art without being judged by this lot. Fanboys are turning people off that art and artistes, more than endearing…

The Privileged Victims

In a country of mostly poor powerless faceless billion plus, who are the victims that get attention? The rich, the powerful and the famous.
We will move mountains for a movie star, a minister, a sports star or even a Godman or a billionaire corporate honcho but for hungry poor oppressed millions, not so much. 
None of us have the courage to ask the privileged few that how dare you be so ungrateful and selfish? We will instead be their cheerleaders.
Every day, across all walks of life, we the people fight for our basic human rights in some way or another but by night, we find ourselves concerned with privileges of the mighty.
kissano ne khana khaya ya nahin, usse matlab nahin hai, bas yeh pata chal jaye hamare pyaare neta aur abhineta ko koi pareshani toh nahin. (It does not concern us that if the poor farmers have food on their plate, we just seemed to be concerned with discomforts of our dear celebrities, stars and politicians
In the end, I'll say this - don't give up, wait for …


All old political parties employ diversionary tactics to keep corruption far away from becoming an election issue. Make no mistake, that's the real story, always. 
For them, Ideologies, nationalism, people's issues, development, progress are all advertising positioning to fool their vote banks, i.e You. 
All old parties have repeatedly risked our unity, internal security, peace in the garb of one facade or another, peddling them as ideologies. None of these old parties are capable of good governance. They are not here for hard work. They are here to grab power, money & control. 
This is rabbit hole politics. The minute you'll get a sniff of the real story, a new loud story will be screaming at you to distract you. 
You can be media, police, forces, bureaucrats or general public, If you are not falling into their melting pot, you are collateral damage. You ask tough questions, you are 'Presstitute'. You validate and peddle their bizarreness, you are media salvat…