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Please "Unfriend' Me

It has been six months since I have slept peacefully for 7-8 hours a night. Some nights I wake up at 2 am, some nights at 4. Having nothing else to do, I often log in to social media to catch up on news, current affairs and generally what my real life or social media friends are saying, doing. That is when it dawns on me why I am not sleeping well. My countrymen, fellow citizens, world citizens are suffering at the hands of some pretenders and the memory of their suffering is affecting me deeply, but what is keeping me awake is that I am doing nothing about it. So what can I do? Many things. But first I can find the courage to speak my mind. So that is what I am doing here, finding courage and speaking my mind. Let's see what happens next All those on my friends list on social media and real life, who defend, justify, glorify those that had ordered the beating up of our children at India Gate a few years back and those who ordered the shooting of our farmers in Madhya Pradesh on T…