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Eyes on Mars

Eyes on Mars by Amit Mehra
You can run but you can't hide. That was suppose to be the last line of this article but since live Critique feed (LCF) on this article strongly suggested that I use it as an here we are.The only problem is that now I am confused on how to end this article. But I guess that's a small price to pay for living in the future as a creative entity. Oh I have just received a message on my hand device that the ending too will be provided by LCF's central command. Now isn't this wonderful? Sorry...I stand corrected isn't it marvelous? Thanks LCF. (they felt the word wonderful is used often and also when used in that reeks of unwarranted sarcasm. I agree)I am so glad that now we have a critique system that is in they review your work as you create it, when you create it. No more long months of anguish, waiting for a response or a reaction for one's work. I mean I have no idea why in the past the critics were…