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You weren’t even there

I saw you in the morning, and you weren’t even there
But it sure smelt like you, the way you did right after the shower
When our love was still a bud of an uncrushed flower

That touch, it was so real, like your fingers running through my hair
Long back, when we still lived without much care
Your eyes were sparkling, the way they did every time you smiled
In those days when it was okay to be crazy and a little bit wild

I swear I saw you in the morning and I know you weren’t even there
The smell, the touch, your smile, my love was so real
Surreal is it not? That it could almost be a dream.
like getting wet in the rain just outside your house,
but the water could be from a faraway stream

This has happened to me before, this will happen to me again
I know you were never there and you will never be
But can you blame me for living on the possibility

- Amit Mehra