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Ek Khat Ka Jawaab

I am not a famous, celebrated or super successful filmmaker. And so far besides my advertising films, I have flirted with Bollywood with alarming infrequency. Never the less, I am often inundated with mails and messages from young and not so young people who wish to become actors asking how they can go about being one. I assume that they reach out to almost everyone listed on any film forum or in any film directory.

In the absence of professional counseling for creative and performing arts in many schools or colleges or outside of that in India, the aspiring artists have nowhere else to go but to turn to professionals in the field and seek their advice. We have all done it. This becomes the only way for many who come from small towns or places where there is very little exposure to the real workings of the film Industry.

Most of the film professionals are super busy and despite their best intentions are unable to respond to such requests in any detail or with any useful guidance. Also, …