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Innovate, Converge, Govern.

Land Acquisition, development, growth, economy and ecology can all live in harmony if the Governments can focus seriously on out of the box reforms and innovation in Governance.

For example, I feel if the Indian Government was to acquire non active farm land to create smart nature conservation parks managed by private public partnerships, it would boost tourism, economy, ecology, psychographics across the board and probably meet with lesser resistance from all concerned. Ofcourse, pay the farmers good market rate and give them a small share in future revenues from such nature park projects.

Space for businesses and even factories can be provided in cities and small towns by going full blown vertical everywhere (mostly untapped so far) with new innovative adapted technology, renewable energy for operations and waste management. Offer them tax sops for adopting those.

India has a huge availability of natural resources like rains, Sun, wind and most of it is going to waste. Most of ou…