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My World is indeed Flat

Computers led to me forgetting how to write with my hands, social networks may lead to me forgetting how to speak with my mouth. 

Ironically, technology is taking away my abilities as a human even while increasing my sense of humanity. Now I laugh and cry using special characters and scream in capital letters. My angst has been reduced to an abbreviation and lust to pixels. Soon my thoughts will be limited by the ram of a chip and my strength will depend on the life of a battery. 

In the end, as I embrace this virtual reality through this beautiful machine sitting on my lap, I must admit my world is indeed flat.

Love is a Stowaway

Today one of the greatest love stories I was a small part of has come to an end. I wonder if I am more heartbroken than the two lovers.. Divorces, break offs become compounded when both the people involved are your friends. It is difficult to be objective in love.
It is difficult to be objective in love because if you were able to be objective, you probably never would have fallen in love to begin with. This makes me wonder if entry of objectivity in a romantic relationship is the first sign of you falling out of love. After all like Bono said ... Love is blindness, I don't wanna see.
What is the science at work behind falling out of love? how does the skin of a person you made love to once start feeling strange even to touch? how do feelings that you once invested your every living breath in while expressing just get reduced to mere memories of words..? How does the joy of a heart overflowing with love suddenly transforms into an empty cauldron with echoes of pain...
Is love a m…