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Politics Of Flawlessness

Why Right Wing is NOT the change we were waiting for: Right wing's response, worldwide, to every wrong: "You didn't complain when left did it". Guess how you came upon this reversal of fortunes?! Make no mistake, the first people to rebel and protest against corrupt Congress Govt in India were the members of civil society and media that our right wing loathe. Mind you, till the civil society did not rise the way we did, BJP & opposition were all cozy friends with same congress they keep blaming for every thing this present Govt screws up. No accountability or responsibility. All that we hear is Congress did it, not us or even Congress did it so you can't blame us. Go back to the days when the initial scams broke out. Check the media reports and you will see how laid back the right wing were till the civil society reaction became big and especially after Baba Ramdev joined it who has huge 'Hindu' following. Then suddenly BJP woke up and saw the opportunit…