Don't do it again…ok beta?

What do we do with people who are rude to Chefs of badly cooked food? We don't appreciate their outburst even if we identify with their problem.

If you are paying for a meal, you have every right to criticise it, if it is not done well or even call the chef and pull him up a little, but to be rude or to humiliate him is not a civilised thing. Unless, of course he is trying to poison you, in which case you can tell him - 'Don't do it again…ok beta?" ;)

The thing is, it is just a meal he has spoilt, not pushed the nuclear war button. If he did that, you can tell him - "Don't do it again…ok beta?"

I would say the same set of civilised rules should follow us when we write a food review or for that matter film reviews. The reviews in print or online or on TV are not just read, watched by the Chefs or the filmmakers, the foodies or the audience but also by the chef's, filmmaker's families, children, parents, wife, husband, friends…as a reviewer or even a consumer, audience, you have the power to not accept his or her product/work, but you also have the responsibility to not humiliate him, scar him for the rest of his life.

Perhaps, the chef or the filmmaker did not consider extending that respect to you while being callous with his food or a film but paying him back in the same coin will not make him better. It will either make him defensive or worse…depressed. Either which way, he will not be in a good place to make a better meal or a film. So, the problem will continue and no one will be better off. Instead, a more analytical and respectful criticism without personal digs or humiliating tone or undercurrent may do the trick.

There is another way - You can just choose to ignore it and never go back to that restaurant or for a movie from that filmmaker. Sometimes, market economy teaches producers more about the quality of their work than direct feedback from the experts. That is the nature of the beast.

Any which way, whatever you do, please remember the young kid who thinks his or her, dad or mom is a super hero….don't break his heart. Be cool. Be nice …it will all be fine. It is just movies and food. If it was politics, you could say - "Don't do it again…ok beta?" ;)     


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