Build your Nation, Not your Ego

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Is our present Indian Government going to address governance at any point or are we going to keep oscillating between food menu and religion for the full term?

Why is loose talk by people in responsible positions across the board not being checked? What are the real issues we are being diverted from? Nation has major economic, governance, development challenges but public discourse continues to be about irrelevant issues, for months now. Why?

Issues that should exist at best in the private or social domain are now being obsessed in political, Government domain. Is this responsible? Leaders, Media, citizens and even some of our best minds are spending our resources addressing what we eat, who we pray to and how we party?

Political, social, art and media leaders are becoming slaves to their egos and rest of us are fueling or pricking it. Will that develop our nation?

We must ask ourselves - do we want to be a progressive developed nation or a bunch of bickering gossiping sniggering old hags? We must ask ourselves - do we want to be a happy prospering population or an angry unproductive sad people?

Forget all else, as a nation we collectively suffered inefficiency, corruption for so many years. Now we are letting non issues derail us. Why?

Is this Patriotism? Nationalism? To let our country, resources and governance be derailed by food, religious and social choices? Are we so weak? Is it intelligent that while other nations are racing ahead to meet challenges of the future, we are obsessing on a daily basis about who won a TV debate?

We all have a role to play if India is to become a real developed nation but it's not going to happen if we keep focusing on trivial matters. Think about it. Nation building is complex hard work. We are trivializing governance by letting non issues be the mainstay of our discourse.

Do you know of any example of a happy developed nation that has a fearful or angry population or public discourse obsessed with religion?

Forget the politicians, a country does not belong only to the Government. Ask yourself, are you being responsible and productive? Change won't come from just few hundred in parliament and assemblies, nor will it be imported like onions or sugar. It will come from us. Only from us.

Change is not a political speech or a policy paper. It is a state of mind and lots of hard work. No one else can or will do it for us. Only we can and will have to do this work. It pains me to see so many brilliant minds being wasted by this kind of derailment politics and irrelevant public discourse. Please think about it and help in building the nation, communities, economy, diversity, equality, harmony, peace and prosperity.

Most of all, we must help in building an atmosphere of love, peace and prosperity. That is how great nations are built, not by bloating egos.

We are all responsible for it. We are all stake holders of our nation, our planet and our future. Please do your constructive and productive bit and ignore your egoistic bit. Your pride should come from building your nation in your own small way, in your circle of life, not from building your ego.


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