Rabbit Hole Politics

All old political parties employ diversionary tactics to keep corruption far away from becoming an election issue. Make no mistake, that's the real story, always. 

For them, Ideologies, nationalism, people's issues, development, progress are all advertising positioning to fool their vote banks, i.e You. 
All old parties have repeatedly risked our unity, internal security, peace in the garb of one facade or another, peddling them as ideologies. None of these old parties are capable of good governance. They are not here for hard work. They are here to grab power, money & control. 
This is rabbit hole politics. The minute you'll get a sniff of the real story, a new loud story will be screaming at you to distract you. 
You can be media, police, forces, bureaucrats or general public, If you are not falling into their melting pot, you are collateral damage. You ask tough questions, you are 'Presstitute'. You validate and peddle their bizarreness, you are media salvation army, a hero, a patriot. 
Ever wondered why do they need advertising agencies to communicate with u? Because they are not engaging with ideologies but selling brands. They have reduced all our philosophies, ideologies, institutions, professions, religion, society, culture & even Governance to a brand, a commodity. 
After every crackdown, expect some grand scheme soon after. You know like tax sops, price cut, or some new project launch. Carrot follows the stick. Any psychologist will tell you, 101 of an abusive relationship. The abuser will first abuse you then for the fear of losing you, shower love. This is rabbit hole politics.
Why I am saying all this? Look around you. What do you see? Who are divided? Us. Who are united? Them. Don't fall for it. Think for yourself. 
If you are a true patriot, your first responsibility lies with your country, your people, your ideology. Not with businesses of politics. Be calm, be observant and be yourself. Speak your mind fearlessly, but also listen to others with patience and respect. That is being Indian.
You know this. I have not told you anything you didn't already know. So don't fall for it and think for yourself when they try to get to you through television, newspapers, social media or in real life.
They are here today, will be gone tomorrow. India is one of the oldest civilizations. India and We the people of India will always be here. Don't fall for their rabbit hole politics. Be true to your country and Indian ideology of love, peace, diversity and unity. That is all there is to it.


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