The Privileged Victims

In a country of mostly poor powerless faceless billion plus, who are the victims that get attention? The rich, the powerful and the famous.

We will move mountains for a movie star, a minister, a sports star or even a Godman or a billionaire corporate honcho but for hungry poor oppressed millions, not so much. 
None of us have the courage to ask the privileged few that how dare you be so ungrateful and selfish? We will instead be their cheerleaders.

Every day, across all walks of life, we the people fight for our basic human rights in some way or another but by night, we find ourselves concerned with privileges of the mighty.

kissano ne khana khaya ya nahin, usse matlab nahin hai, bas yeh pata chal jaye hamare pyaare neta aur abhineta ko koi pareshani toh nahin. (It does not concern us that if the poor farmers have food on their plate, we just seemed to be concerned with discomforts of our dear celebrities, stars and politicians

In the end, I'll say this - don't give up, wait for the change. It's just that moment away when you realise that you are alive and a human. 


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