So ja Panchi

so ja panchi, so ja

so ja O panchi, so ja

kal phir hai oodna, pankh fadakna, dana chugna,

so ja

so ja panchi, tu so ja

baadal hai kaale, darr mat tu pyaare,

badal hai kaale, darr mat tu pyaare

KiRnain laayengee ujaale,

so ja

So ja panchi, so ja

so ja panchi, tu so ja

Na samundar ke toofaan, na tooti yeh taani

Na jheel ka gussa, Na bhayanak yeh baarish,

rok paayengee tujko o praanee,

so ja

So ja panchi, so ja

So ja o panchi, tu so ja

matlab ki sena ya phir bhatka woh saathi

reh na sakhenge tere raste main maaji

So ja

So ja o panchi, so ja

Vijay teri hogi, milenge naye rahee

Door jana hai, na rakh koi pareshaani

kitni bhi andheri raat ke baad, bhor hai aani

So ja panchi, so ja

so ja panchi, tu so ja


  1. Nice thought Amit. I interpret it as asking one to slow down and take life easy and not get overtaken by the rat race we are perpetually participating in. If I may say so, (creative liberties aside) the only disconnect I have is with the line - 'Jheel ka gussa' - to me a jheel is always calm - unless of-course i have read the entire stanza differently from your thought!Otherwise Nice! I like the simple, spoken everyday use Hindi that you have used -- again though two words i need help with - my hindi is pathetic - I know! Thats not very patriotic but patriotism aside I just could never get beyond pass marks - Ha! Ha!
    The two words: KIRnain and taani.

  2. Thanks Pranav, and I agree with you about jheel being calm but the singer is trying to tell the listener that even if life is so extreme that you have to face the wrath of otherwise calm stream...even that won't be able to stop your steps

    KIRnain means rays.... of sun in this case

    Taani means twig

    The poetry or the song that I am recording it as - is about putting the yesterday and today behind us and find courage to face tomorrow as tomorrow is truly another day and the courage can be found in the fact that no matter what be the obstacles, life will find a way...


  3. Parul Gupta8:43 PM

    Exactly my thoughts. Kitni bhi andhri raat ke baad, bhor hai aani. Just a matter of time. Matlab ki sena yah bhatka woh saathi, reh na sakega tere raste main maaji.... those who wanna leave, let them go. love those who love you. Stay with those who love and care about you. Yeh duniya badi matlabi hai. But as long as you and your heart is true, just continue walking..........


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