A Simple Kiss

So many houses on the way,

not a single home for me
Happy families, folks and siblings
I wonder if they can ever be?

Gangs, circle, clubs and friends
I am not in any one of these

My side of bread
Neither has
Jam, nor Butter,
not even a slice of cheese

Such Tall trees in the forest,
and Buildings on the streets
not one of them I could ever reach
To make the world hear me scream

24/7 million radio stations
not one playing my song for me
Daily soaps, Films and plays
have no character based on me

exotic sweets, wine and chocolates
are all wasted on me,
the only taste I ever get,
is of the chilling winter breeze

Expensive gifts, champagne weddings
and stretch limousines
Everyone wants it, is every one’s dream
Thank you but not for me

The only thing I ever wish?
…to feel a simple kiss.
if something like that still exists!
and comes for free…


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