The Beginning of The End of The Beginning

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Where do I start? My Lord, Where do I start?

From Corrupt air I breathe? Or the cynical water I drink? Perhaps frustrated food I eat or even polluted people I meet...where do I start? My Lord, where do I start?

My special effects car has made the rays of the sun hazy, my artistic fridge has made holes in the ozone, of course this makes some people crazy
My friendly air conditioner has made general weather a bit lazy

Everyone blames me and yet I am not being cagey, I am asking you….where do I start? My lord, where do I start?

I bribed the cop who caught me stealing; I greased the palms to accelerate my bank account's healing
For some, I bought pleasure, For Some I brought pain
I worked through the day, and kept the goodnight sleep at bay
And yet no one is happy, no one is gay
I wonder if all this is in vain

Again, where do I start? My lord where do I start?

I touch my keyboard more than my wife; I can see the pressure in my veins rise but not the rate of farmers’ suicides, I can feel the comfort in becoming nuclear but can not feel the rage of the storm brewing near…

are my nerves getting numb? Am I loosing my sight?
Standing underneath my tall building when I couldn’t see even an inch of God’s blue sky, I knew I must be turning blind..

This seems like the end but it could be the beginning

I have come so far and yet my toes are not even tingling

Were all these years just a fling? My lord, were you playing with my feelings?

Where do I start? My lord, where do I start - The beginning of the End of The beginning


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  2. Remember that humans are a species that has just started its adventure Amit. The planet that you show is but a small island. The things that we will one day see we cannot yet imagine! And in the meantime ... cheer up. Oh and about the chocolate ... after one of you cuts it ... the other person should pick a piece first. And you'll see how evenly you'll manage to divide it up. :)

  3. beautiful poem, Amit. The earth feels your pain.

    We can but do what we as individuals can do, and hope that it is enough.

    Tina Brooks
    VP Marketing, Brooks Pepperfire Foods

  4. Very nice poem dude! I really liked the line about touching the keyboard more than the wife. In today's world it's not tough to imagine this situation.

    Also, thank you for dropping by I'd really like to collaborate with you on a Poetry Podcast. You can shoot me a message through the Contact link.

    I'm sure I'll be coming back here for poetry.


  5. Very Relevant in these troubled times when happiness is rather shortlived despite the phenomenal technological advancements. We do need to look within more often.


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