Who Told you we are Martians?

"Who told you we are called Martians?".....This is the first thing I expect to hear if & when I meet an alien from the planet WE call Mars. If we could find an authentic animal translater, I am sure the first thing we will hear animals say " who told you that we are called Penguins? or whales? or Tigers?".

I have always been amazed by this entire mass naming or branding exercise that has been going on in this world. Who names Planets, species, places, things, etc? What is the methodology? I mean I know scientist name planets and biologist name plants or species but are we all on board for all the names these guys come up with? Have we got a global consensus on each one of these names? I am pretty sure no one asked me before naming all of us Humans. Now whether I like it or not, I am stuck with it.

More interestingly, for all the intelliegent science fiction in the world, not one has touched on this issue. I for one cant recollect any science fiction story, book or movie ever having a scene where the Aliens from Mars or any planet land up and corrected the humans they meet by telling us what they actually call themselves to begin with before blasting our heads off.

Amazingly we also never have a situation where aliens have got the name of our species or planet wrong.

Now, we all know what happened with America. Initially, Columbus thought he had discovered India and hence the natives got the name American Indians. We never bothered to check with them if they already have a name for themselves. And even if we did, the name that stuck was the name that was given to them.

Like us, I am sure all species would like to be known by the names they have thought for themselves. Imagine how pissed we will be if we came to know that on Venus, humans are known as Assholes and Earth as Planet Asshole.

So I really dont know what is the point of my rambling but I am surely interested in Knowing how many of you would be interested to know the real names of planets, species, things....also feel free to suggest alternative names for Planet Earth, Human beings, table or any other mass branding item..

I mean this is our time now, why should we live with the names or branding given by some wierdo way back in BC, AD or whenever...if you ask me, I am even okay with calling Earth - WINDOWS VISTA if Bill gates can pay each one of us our share for branding it so. Only 2 year contracts though, renegotiable post that. Pl raise hands whoever are on board.


a.m. :)


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