Who am I

Writer, filmmaker, man, husband, artist, impatient...any of these words could well be the defination of me but I am nothing if I am not lost...lost but always exploring new grounds to find the real me...Joining this lounge is also a step in that direction.

By the book - I am 2 short 40, Live in Bombay City (now Mumbai City) in India and have been working in the films, media and advertising industries here for last 17 odd years. I always wanted to be a filmmaker and wrote my first story at the age of 6 - It was titled "mystery of the last drop". A murder mystery, The story revolved around a mad scientist who discovers a mysterious poison which when mixed with drinks makes only the last drop poisonous. Unfortunately I couldn't complete this story as even I couldn't solve the mystery of the "poisonous last drop".

However, it did help make clear to me at a very early age that I will have a tough & twisted path to achieve creative success. Ofcourse, after growing up I realised that there is no other way to achieve creative success anyways. But one thing helps - Honesty.

So the plan is - first I find myself, then i find others. Then we do something...anything..to make this a more chilled out world...yes?

tally ho



  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tally-ho

    tally ho is a fascinating ..term..phrase..wordy thingy..verbal whatchumaycallit

    read it!

    i (heart) Wikipedia :D

  2. Anonymous9:07 PM

    hey amit , I'm Arun , Barun Deo's young bro. say barun's pic. in one of your posts on DPS. Why don't you call up Barun and say hi ! to him. He would feel good. get in tch with me at arundeo73@rediffmail.com & i'll be happy to pass on Barun's contact details. thanks & all the best sir.


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